The portrait of Charlize Theron

Tuesday, 1 November, 2016

Charlize"Painting is stronger than me, always get to do what she wants"
( Picasso )

The genesis of the portrait "Charlize" remembers me this sentence of the great teacher; often the same appens to me and I can't decide how to finish a picture, it goes alone and I can't stop it or to change it. It had been being for two years that I wanted to paint this subject, I sometimes looked at this photo of Charlize Theron and I thought "Sooner or later I will paint her", but I could never to begin it. One afternoon I was very tired and I went to rest; but rather than to sleep, my mind it began to see so many small squares that overlapped, mixing itself among them with their transparencies to create lights, shades, forms. Initially I didn't understand as I would have been able to use those kaleidoscopic images that stirred in front of my eyes, until it returned me in mind that photo that so many times I had looked in vain. I immediately got up me, as feverish and I thought "To the devil the sleep, must do it now or then it will run away." So this picture was born and and  the emotion that I tried in to see that I succeeded in realizing what a few minutes before I had imagined only I still remember it, as if it were today: it has been a beautiful moment.