Leopard sitting painting

Monday, 25 May, 2020

dipinto leopardo seduto

Hello friends, I’ll show you my new painting:: it is a leopard entirely hand-painted on an 80 x 100 canvas with oil colors.

I chose to portray this magnificent specimen in color, trying to make the hair, shapes and gaze as realistic as possible.  
Unlike other leopards I made I preferred to portray it in its entirety, in an elegant and majestic sitting position. I chose a monochromatic black background to highlight the colors of the animal's hair.

This work was exhibited in 2019 at the Personal Exhibition at the Sardinia Grand Hotel Terme in Fordongianus (see http://www.tizianasanna.com/en/exhibitions )

Watch the video on Instagram with some stages of the realization: 



Look at the gallery with all my paintings: https://www.tizianasanna.com/en/animals

All my paintings are entirely handpainted and are unique and original pieces with a certificate of authenticity.

I use colors and materials of the best brands, large and high quality canvases mounted on a 4 cm thick frame. The painting continues on all edges and is immediately ready to be exhibited in the environment you prefer.

The result is a very modern work of the highest quality, with attention to every detail.

My artworks, of hyperrealistic and with a photographic style, have got as main subjects animals, mostly exotic ones such as elephants, giraffes or leopards, or typical of the Sardinian territory. I manage to highlight the details, meticulously cared for, and to focus attention on the subject, which is the only character of the work: the background, in fact, is absent, it is mostly monochrome and it emphasizes the focus on the animal, abstracting and extracting it from a real space.

My style is defined as pop - hyperrealism because the subjects are painted following a detailed technique, but their position in an unreal space gives the artworks features that are more typical of pop art, so hyperrealism and a graphic style melt. I use different techniques according to the subject and the effects I want to obtein.

Some information about

The African leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) is the most common subspecies of the leopard: it inhabits the whole of Africa. These are very adaptable animals, in fact they are found in mountainous regions such as in the prairies and in the tree-lined savannah. African leopards can also live in desert areas and in areas covered by rainforest.

Male leopards are larger and heavier than females. Their weight varies between 24 and 90 kg and the length of the males is 110-160 cm (plus 85-100 cm of tail), while the females are 200-225 cm long, including the tail.

The leopard's claws are retractable and curved and are used for climbing trees and hitting prey. The leopard's gestation period is usually 90-112 days and each litter is normally made up of 2-4 cubs. Leopard cubs stay with their mother for about 2 years. Around this age they reach sexual maturity.

Male leopards roam a vast territory and so usually a male leopard divides its territory with various females. The male marks his territory with feces, urine, secretions from the facial glands or by scratching the trunks.

In the photo: hyperrealistic leopard painting made with oil colors on a canvas 80 cm x 100 cm by Tisha (Tiziana Sanna)

Ref. photo: Volodymir Burdyak