About me

MeMy work starts from the observation of the reality that surrounds me, taken as a whole and then in its individual details, always trying to capture shapes, colors, lights and shadows, then tell them, offering my personal vision.

The choice of subject to realize is for me a journey, a constant research, an exploration of the human condition and its relationship with the outside world.

The creative process of each work is the result of the sensations that the subject gives me and what I feel in that moment: joy, sadness,  melancholy, sorrow, desire, restlessness.

Emotions are the main thread of my research, that tends to investigate my inner self through a path of self-exploration.

I work with different tools and techniques that I choose from time to time based on the subject to be realized and the effects I want to get.


I'm Tiziana Sanna, an italian artist, who lives and works in Cagliari, Sardinia.

I graduated in Modern Letters with Artistic Address and I cultivated my innate passion for art: I attended various courses of drawing, oil, acrylic and watercolor painting.

I chose the name of art Tisha because I wanted the initials of my name will merge to create a new sound.