Rhinoceros hyperrealist painting

Friday, 8 May, 2020

dipinto iperrealista rinoceronte

Hi friends I’ll show you my new painting: it’s a rhinoceros entirely hand painted on a 100 cm x 100 cm canvas with acrylic colors.

The technique I used is the one that most characterizes me, with which I have already made other rhinos and elephants. It begins by tracing the design with charcoal sticks, a material that allows you to obtain strong chiaroscuro contrasts, but is volatile, so it must be carefully fixed. After each single line, each fold is brushed over with acrylic paints and then all the shadows are used to create the three-dimensional nature of the animal.

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All my paintings are entirely handpainted and are unique and original pieces with a certificate of authenticity.

I use colors and materials of the best brands, large and high quality canvases mounted on a 4 cm thick frame. The painting continues on all edges and is immediately ready to be exhibited in the environment you prefer.

The result is a very modern work of the highest quality, with attention to every detail.

My artworks, of hyperrealistic and with a photographic style, have got as main subjects animals, mostly exotic ones such as elephants, giraffes or leopards, or typical of the Sardinian territory. I manage to highlight the details, meticulously cared for, and to focus attention on the subject, which is the only character of the work: the background, in fact, is absent, it is mostly monochrome and it emphasizes the focus on the animal, abstracting and extracting it from a real space.

My style is defined as pop - hyperrealism because the subjects are painted following a detailed technique, but their position in an unreal space gives the artworks features that are more typical of pop art, so hyperrealism and a graphic style melt. I use different techniques according to the subject and the effects I want to obtein.

Some information about the rhinoceros, an extraordinary mammal of which today only 5 species remain of the original 30.

Three species live in Asia: the Indian rhinoceros, the Javan rhinoceros and the Sumatran rhinoceros . A total of 3,000 rhinos, of which only 60 Javan rhinoceros : they are at risk of extinction.
Two species live in Africa: the black rhino and the white rhino, which survive mainly in protected areas and are both at risk of extinction.
The greatest threat to these magnificent animals is the horn trade.
The poachers act in an increasingly massive and violent way, they come from the ground or with helicopters and shoot with automatic weapons.
A horn is also paid 100 thousand dollars a kilo and this is the main cause of the almost extinction of these species.
The pulverized rhinoceros horn is used by traditional Chinese medicine to cure fever, epilepsy, malaria, poisonings and abscesses.
In recent years, thanks to WWF projects, the population of African rhinos has increased.

In the picture: rhino hyperrealistic painting, realized on a canvas 100 cm x 100 cm with a mixed technique by Tisha ( Tiziana Sanna )