About me

I was born as a portraitist, the exploration of the ego is the basis of my research.tiziana sanna

At the beginning of my artistic production I concentrated on the human portrait, I wanted to investigate the range of emotions and moods, the nature, the temperament and in every face I unwittingly reflected myself and found myself.

In the passage to the portrait of animals I found my true essence, the most authentic, free and uncontaminated part. All the creatures that harbor inside me came out and every time I paint them magic happens: I transform myself into each of them.

My main source of inspiration is wild nature: “wild” represents for me an uncontaminated world, which I try to paint in its deepest instinct.

My animals live free, in the natural state and most of them are at risk of extinction, they are species of which there are very few examples today: I paint exotic animals, elephants, rhinos, tigers, lions, jaguars, leopards, giraffes, pandas, zebras and typical and endemic animals of my land: the Sardinian deer, the mouflon, the tiliguerta, the Sardinian hyla, the flamingos, the owl, the barn owl.

Behind the realistic representation of each animal hides a meaning, a deeper message: the search for precision, meticulousness, attention to detail, are not mere photographic reproductions, but reveal the deep respect I have for nature, for these wonderful creatures, with whom I come into integral contact, in an authentic, pure and respectful way. It is not an imitation of nature, it is contemplation and celebration.

In my works I look for shots that enlarge the animal's face and focus attention on the gaze, mirror of the soul: the goal is that the viewer really has the impression of being in front of the animal, which is decontextualized by its habitat and placed in an unreal space.

Moved by the belief that the canvas is like a mirror, that by painting one travels into a dimension where there is only emotion and instinct, I am working on a series of paintings on mirrored plates: in each work the viewer will be able to reflect, identify, recognize himself in one subject rather than another, driven by emotions that come from the primordial unconscious, exactly as happens to me during the stages of creation.




Tiziana Sanna, in Art Tisha, lives in Cagliari, a city where she was born and she lives.

In 2018 she debuts at the Temporary Storing of the Bartoli-Felter Foundation of Cagliari, with a bipersonal title "Caged", in which she exhibits the series of pop-hyperalist paintings dedicated to animals at risk of extinction of the jungle and savannah.

In 2018 she presents a solo exhibition "Animal Collection" to the Sardinia Grand Hotel Terme of Fordongianus (OR).

In 2020 she presents a solo exhibition at the Temporary Storing of the Bartoli-Felter Foundation of Cagliari, entitled "Tiliguerta", in which she exhibits the series of paintings dedicated to the endemic animals of Sardinia.

From 2018 to 2021 she participates in several collective exhibitions in Milan, Venice, Bologna, Piacenza, Bergamo, Plovdiv, Athens, Cagliari; she is a finalist in several art contests.

In 2018 she presents a solo exhibition "Animal Collection" to the Sardinia Grand Hotel Terme of Fordongianus (OR).

In 2021 she presents a solo exhibition  "In to the Wild" to the Palazzo Doglio in Cagliari, with the special visit of the Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi.

In 2022 she presents a solo exhibition  "Golden Love" to the Palazzo Doglio in Cagliari,

In 2023  she presents a solo exhibition TILIGUERTA-ENDANGERED to the Cagliari Airport Library at Cagliari airport. The exhibition is divided into two sections: ENDANGERED is dedicated to exotic animals at risk of extinction, TILIGUERTA to the endemic fauna of Sardinia, curated by Alessandra Menesini.