How to paint a portrait

Monday, 3 October, 2016

aKnowing how to paint a portrait is the greatest ambition of every artist. It is a difficult task all the more so because the observer of the final result is not limited to considering the work itself, but first of all it seeks a total resemblance to the subject. This is in fact what most strikes the viewer, who, however, does not consider what are the factors that must be evaluated before seeking the real resemblance. Before starting work, the artist has to observe for a long time the subject, in his various positions and attitudes, in different situations and with different lights, to study well the features, the shapes and the colors. He must then choose the best shot, the pose and the attitude to be taken by the subject, choose the type of lighting and the direction of the light. Before starting to paint on canvas, it is necessary to make various preparatory sketches that will form a solid base on which to work in order to achieve similarity, to grasp the look and the expression.