2018 Collective International Exhibition of Contemporary Art “BIENNALE DELLE VISIONI METROPOLITANE” at the PIACENZA EXPOU

Inside the  Piacenza Expo, from 15 to 30 December 2018 will be held the international exhibition of painting, sculpture and photography "Biennale delle Visioni Metropolitane", conceived and curated by the Historian and Art Critic Prof. Giorgio Grasso, who as well as numerous works by contemporary artists, it includes two works by Jean Michel Basquiat.






2018 Personal Exhibition at the Sardegna Grand Hotel terme di Fordongianus ( Or )










2018 Collective International Exhibition of Contemporary Art “ANGELI E DEMONI” at the Castello di Fombio ( Lodi )u

The exhibition "Angeli e Demoni", curated by the historian and art critic Prof. Giorgio Grasso with the help of Maria Palladino and Giada Eva Elisa Tarantino, will be held in the evocative location of the Castello di Fombio (Lo), from 3 to 30 November. 
I participate with the work "Jaguar: divine and infernal creature"
In the Mayan mythology the jaguar was a sacred animal and was honored as a god.
But it is a very dangerous creature, whose bite is the most powerful among the mammals and the strongest in nature after that of the crocodile.
This ambivalent nature unites him to Satan, the demon who was originally an angel, a creature of God, of great beauty, but who, blinded by pride, rebelled against his Creator and was driven out of Paradise, in perpetual exile, forced to wander in solitude.
Like Lucifer the jaguar is a solitary predator, a creature of ambivalent beauty: in his angelic and seductive gaze there is something dark and dangerous that leaves a feeling of wonder and terror.
The work is made of acrylic on 4 canvases for a total size of 200 cm x 160 cm.




2018 Collective exhibition "Acrylic" at the gallery "LA RUOTA DELLA FORTUNA" in Cagliari.y

The collective exhibition of paintings, scheduled for 22-28 September 2018, presents an exhibition of works by different artists, all made with acrylic colors. On this occasion some paintings of the artist's "Animals Collection" were exhibited.



2018 Collective exhibition at the Magmma Museum of Villacidro for the Marchionni 2018 International Contemporary Art Prizey

Finalist at the Marchionni 2018 International Contemporary Art Prize, graphic section, with the work "The old man" made in fusie on board, 80 cm x 80 cm.






2018 Bipersonal exhibition "CAGED"  in the Temporary Storing space of the Bartoli Felter Foundation in Cagliariu

The exhibition "CAGED", scheduled from March 15th to 30th 2018, curated by EFISIO CARBONE, will see for the first time the artists Tiziana Sanna and Marco Pautasso together with their works following a path of parallel research on the animal world.

I show all the paintings in the "Animals collection" and new works that you can preview.



2018 Collective exhibition “ARTE CONTEMPORANEA” at the Galleria Farini – Palazzo Fantuzzi - Bolognay

In the magnificent location of Palazzo Fantuzzi you can visit the "ARTE CONTEMPORANEA" exhibition, curated by Nadine Nicolai, with the critic Prof. Giorgio Grasso. The exhibition will be open from February 27th to March 11th 2018.








2017 Collective exhibition “La grande bellezza” at the gallery “Il Salotto dell'arte” in Cagliari, from 8 December to 5 January 2018I

The exhibition "La grande bellezza" wants to give all artists the opportunity to rework, according to their sensitivity, the concept of beauty in art, in every possible facet. Beauty is the set of qualities perceived through the five senses, which arouse pleasant sensations in the eye of the beholder. A concept that has always divided artists, merchants and collectors between objectivity and subjectivity. Artists will be able to draw on the most disparate techniques, from the most traditional to the most innovative and contemporary.



2017 Collective exhibition "City of world" at the gallery “LA RUOTA DELLA FORTUNA” in Cagliari, from 26 November to 5 December 2017O

The collective exhibition of painting, photography and sculpture "City of the World", scheduled from 26 November to 5 December 2017, presents contemporary works of Italian, European and American cities with their streets, squares, monuments, various colors.
The visitors will travel to the various cities around the world, they can see glimpses, views, colors, and perspectives. During the inauguration, a short film will be screened on the "Casotti al Poetto" of the beautiful city of Cagliari.



2017 Collective exhibition “Intuizione” at the gallery “Il Salotto dell'arte” in Cagliari, from 17 November to 24 November 2017I

The replica of the exhibition "Intuition" scheduled from 17 November to 24 November 2017, will presents some of the works of the artists present at the Is Molas Golf Club in Pula, from 10 August to 29 September 2017. Every artists will expose an unpublished or an already exposed work always linked to the concept of intuition, dream, creative power.




2017 Collective exhibition “RitrARTi” at the gallery “Il Salotto dell'arte” in Cagliari, from 7 October to 21 October  2017I

The exhibition “RitrARTi”, scheduled from 7 to 21 October 2017, presents contemporary portraits made with varied techniques. The various artists will be able to bring in so many ideas, fantasy, and technique, to create paintings, sculp-tures, drawings, collage, photos and digital art. The subjects represented are common people, known and iconic faces, animals or particulars of the human figure. The artists will have the sensitivity to interpreting the features of the model according to their personal taste and technique.



2017 Collective exhibition “Intuizione” at  Is Molas Golf Club in Pula, from 10 August to 29 September 2017is molas

The “Intuition” exhibition, from 10 August to 29 September 2017, presents works by different artists, all linked to the concept of intuition, dream, fantasy, meditation, creative power, hypnosis and inspiration. So from the intuitive portraiture of the abstract, from the figurative landscape to that of the soul. All for an artistic union dedicated to well-being and meditation, as the location that hosts the event.




2015 Collective exhibition “L’incanto dell’Arcano svelato” at the gallery “Il Salotto dell'arte” in Cagliari


The exhibition "The Enchantment of Discovered Arcana - Magic, Symbolism, Esotericism and Alchemy", scheduled from 27 November  to 12 December 2015, wants to create a magical, symbolic and mysterious world at the limit of consciousness and unconscious light and Shadow, matter and spirit. Doors and guides in this initiatic journey will be the artists and their works, the keys to reading the macro and the inner microcosm. Dreamlike paths, dense works, art sizes as in a dream. Storms of images emerging from memory, from memory. A look beyond real things, mysterious meanings, evocations of sensations of something unusual. One pointing to the hidden and symbolic meaning in the work, in which nothing painted is in fact what it looks like.




2015 Collective exhibition “La quadreria: di tutto...di più!”at the gallery “Il Salotto dell'arte” in Cagliari

The exhibition "The painting: everything ... more!", scheduled from 16 November to 25 November 2015, wants to present the activity and research of theI Sardinian artists present. A panorama of different techniques and proposals to dwell on and why not find a new promise or confirm an already recognized talent.