The collaboration with Artonline20 of the Mazzoleni Foundation

Tuesday, 22 December, 2020


In September 2020, the collaboration with the International Art Network ARTONLINE20 of the Mazzoleni Foundation began for the wildlife artist Tiziana Sanna.

Artonline20 has created a website entirely dedicated to art, an international network that unites artists, gallery owners, architects and interior designers to promote and enhance them to an international audience.

Artonline20 organizes a series of exhibitions in prestigious public and even private prestigious contexts, addressing a national and international audience.

The Founder and Art Director is Simona Occioni, renowned gallerist and contemporary art dealer, President of the Mazzoleni Foundation together and Bruno Tanzarella entrepreneur, expert in strategic marketing.

Le opere

The Mazzoleni Foundation was born with the aim of promoting Italian art and excellence in the world. It promotes cultural events not only with artists of international caliber but also pays great attention to emerging artists, following them in their artistic and professional evolution with a prestigious and international audience.

The artist Tiziana Sanna exhibited for the Mazzoleni Foundation in 2019 at the "Sfumature d'arte" exhibition in the prestigious gallery in Alzano Lombardo (BG).

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